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The Finders Course is a 4-month online course that helps you discover the remarkable wellbeing and peaceful state without religious or spiritual dogma.

We call the state of wellbeing PNSE (Persistent Non-Symbolic Experience) or ONE (Ongoing Non-symbolic Experience). These experiences have been historically associated with enlightenment, awakening, non-duality, higher consciousness. The Finders Course is 100% secular and built on the world’s largest scientific research in this area, which included over 1,200 participants around the world. The research showed that over 70% of participants reached the PNSE within 4 months. You can learn more about the science behind the Finders Course and hear from participants in their own voices.

I am a graduate of Finder Course and an official facilitator. I will guide you through the course to answer questions and to provide necessary support. Please visit and check out the material on the Finders Course website. To register for the course go to the Finders Course Application Page. There you’ll find the course start date, a video message by Dr. Jeffery Martin, and other course information such as the course design structure and what is required of your commitment. Click “REGISTER NOW” will take you to the account creation and payment page. Please indicate “Edi Matsumoto ” under “who referred you”.

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