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Are you looking for lasting peace and happiness?

Are you frustrated with not getting results from meditations and other spiritual practices? We help people find fundamental wellbeing through online course and individual support.


Cultivate a healthy body, quiet mind, open heart and vibrant spirit.

Reduce stress

By using meditation and other mental training program, you will not only learn to reduce the current stress level, but also to deal with future stressors with grace and understanding.

Cultivate equanimity

Once you discover the sense of fundamental wellbeing, you have more resilience and the sense of equanimity that help you cope with inevitable ups and downs of life.

Rediscover joy

By using positive psychology and other techniques, you will rediscover joy and appreciation for life as it unfolds.

Find your pathway to everlasting happiness

Transform your life with 26 evidence-based mind-training techniques that help transition you to fundamental wellbeing.

I specialize in...

  • Coaching and facilitating students in the Finders Course
  • Coaching and facilitating graduates of the Finders Course to support the transition process
  • Coaching individuals to restore equanimity and joy using Finders Course and other methods

The Finders Course is an intense program that has transformed many people’s lives. It can change yours too! The journey is easier and more fun if you have a tour guide, a coach, or a cheerleader to help you along the way.

The Finders’ community is growing worldwide. Join this community of people who have found persistent happiness and peace.

Work with me

My office at the Church of the Wayfarer overlooking a beautiful garden

What my clients say

How Finders Course and Edi’s coaching have changed lives? (see testimonials below)

“I have you to thank for reminding me of possibilities when everything else seemed so doomed.  I so appreciated your positivity, your wonderful sense of humor…You are so special Edi.” – J.J.

“The sessions with you changed my life for the better. I got the courage and resources to rebuild my life. I was really depressed about the whole situation in my life but now I have hope and am making changes to restore my life. I really appreciate what you have done for me.” – C.R.

“Edi was one of the two facilitators when I took the Finders Course. They provided a safe and relaxed environment for our group members every week throughout the 17-week course. It was very helpful and reassuring to have someone who has gone through the course and lived through what comes next beyond the course. They provided guidance, perspective, and emotional support with humor and grace.” – S.H.

Click here to read more from Finders Course participants in their own voices.
Video recorded testimonials are also available here.

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and happiness”

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Transform your body, mind, and life today.


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